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Consultation & Free Estimate

Call our office at (651) 674-5530 to schedule your free consultation and project costs. Our technician will measure your yard, and design a provisional irrigation system and introduce you to the types of products we install. We will discuss how many zones your system has, where the plumbing will exit your home and where the rain sensor and automatic irrigation controller will be installed. 


Scheduling & Locating Utilities

We will work together to identify the best time to install your new irrigation system. As the installation date approaches, we contact the locating companies to mark with flags and paint the location of your underground utilities. We take measure to avoid your utilities and hand dig around them when necessary. Please let us know if you have power lines, underground dog fencing or any other private utilities so that we can have them located by a third party locating company.

flags marking underground wires and cablesBuilding and Construction


By this stage in our installation process, a plumber has installed our water source and backflow prevention device. Our team will mark the sprinkler head and valve box locations as well as confirm the location of the rain sensor and automatic controller.

We take care to minimize the damage to you lawn. We hand dig around utilities and use a vibratory trenching machine to pull the pipe underground. Your lawn will be back to normal in no time.

Irrigation Installation1

System Training

This is the stage where we teach you how the system operates and how to make minor adjustments to some of the products installed. We also work together to set up the watering schedule on the automatic controller and show you how to set different run times for different zones. We make sure you feel comfortable in general operation and maintenance of your new underground irrigation system.

Please contact us to learn about winterizing your irrigation system and the seasonal maintenance plans we offer.

System Testing
System Components

Expert Irrigation System Installers

Exterior Backflow Prevention Device

Valve Box

Rain Sensor

Interior Plumbing and Water Source

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Call Image Irrigation for an efficient and professionally installed underground lawn sprinkler and irrigation system. Our work is quality, our installation is seamless and our customers are 100% satisfied – guaranteed.

Call (651) 674-5530 for a free irrigation system quote or to learn how to upgrade your existing system.