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Fall Winterization

Having your irrigation system professionally winterized each fall is the best way to ensure your system does not get any damage during the winter. We attach an air compressor to the system and blow out all of the water in each zone and mainline and we blow out each zone more than once to ensure the water has been evacuated.

We also drain the backflow from the exterior and the water source pipe from the interior and turn off the automatic system controller.

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Sprinkler Winterization
Rotor Head Winterization

Spring Start Up

Winter can be hard on underground sprinkler and irrigation systems. That’s why Image Irrigation has a Spring Start Up service. We bring your irrigation system back to life in the spring by inspecting every rotor head, spray head, and drip irrigation component to make sure there are no leaks and the system will operate this summer as effectively as the day it was installed.

We also inspect the backflow, rain sensor, valves and turn the controller back on and set up the watering schedule.

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Spring Startup
Spring Start Up