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Repairing your underground irrigation system is not something you should do on your own. Using improper techniques to dig up your lawn or repair your irrigation system can cause more damage and even more expensive to fix. 

Hire Image Contracting to make sure the job is done right the first time. Our professionally trained technicians have the know how to fix your lawn sprinkler system to the highest of industry standards.

Rotor Head Repair
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Common Irrigation System problems

Broken or damaged rotor or spray heads must be fixed or replaced to keep your irrigation system performing as designed. We carefully dig up the grass and dirt to gain access so that we can repair or replace the irrigation head.

Broken Rotor Head

Rotor or spray sprinkler heads can shift in the ground over time causing the spray to loose its accuracy of coverage. Sometimes, small debris clogs the nozzle therefore reducing the water flow and coverage thus causing dry or brown spots.

Yard Dry Spot

Copper piping often cracks because of improper winterization service and PVC or Poly piping often leaks because of underground animals who chew thorough it. Undiagnosed leaks  lead to inefficient water usage and soft spots in your lawn.


A faulty or non working rain sensor can decrease your irrigation systems water efficiency by continuing to run when it is raining.  During our diagnosis, we clean it, check the battery, inspect the position of it and verify the wiring is installed correctly.

Rain Sensor Service

A backflow prevention is device is generally installed on the exterior of your home and is a safety device that prevents water from flowing back towards the water source. Often improper winterization causes internal seals to fail or the pipe to crack or break.

Damaged Backflow

Faulty wiring can cause your irrigation systems controller or underground valves to malfunction. Controller or valve failure can cause partial or entire system failure. Our trained technicians will identify the location of the failure and repair it.

Faulty Wiring